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Dog walking


You've heard the saying: a tired dog is a good dog. But often the time or energy escapes us to give Fido a good workout. Life is busy with work, school, household chores... It's always something!


Ensuring that your dog gets enough walk time is important. Going outside to 'read' and 'write' pee-mail offers your dog mental stimulation that he can't find in your back yard. By investigating every smell and sound, he learns how his territory has changed since he was last out there.


If you lack the time to take your dog out or just don't like to have to do it every day, we are here to help. We can walk up to two well-behaved medium-sized dogs at a time. We will never walk your dog with another client's dog, and will never let your dog off-leash. For safety reasons, we don't use retractable leashes.



Dog on grass


30 minutes: $25

45 minutes: $35

60 minutes: $45

Includes up to 2 medium-sized dogs. For larger or additional dogs please allow for a longer visit, so we can take them out separately.

Dog on walk sniffs roses

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