Pacific Pet Sitters

Pet sitting


Going out of town and need someone to look after your pets? Give us a call! Not only will we take care of your
fur-kids while you're gone, we will also make sure your house looks lived in.


For dogs we recommend a minimum of two daily visits and for cats at least one. The length of each visit depends on your pets' individual needs for exercise, playtime and affection. A pair of dogs who need special meal prep and medications in addition to a walk will require a longer visit than a single cat who eats only dry food.


In a large home with multiple litter boxes, more time is spent cleaning everything, so if it's the only visit of the day and you also value some social interaction and playtime for your kitties, we'd recommend a 45-minute visit.



Daily feeding and fresh water

Administer medications as prescribed

Love and affection



Walks for dogs

Wash pet bowls

Clean litter box

Clean up 'accidents' in the house

Pick up pet waste in the yard

Water plants

Get mail, bring in paper

Take out trash bins on designated days

Rotate lights & blinds for security

Cat plays with feather in crinkle tunnel
Dogs eat


30 minutes: $25

45 minutes: $35

60 minutes: $45

We don't have additional pet charges, but longer visit times may be necessary in households with more than 3 to 4 pets.

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