Pacific Pet Sitters

Overnight stays


Cats and dogs are creatures of habit, so many pet owners try to mimic their own routines as closely as possible while they're away. That means having someone spend the night so that pets are not left alone at a time of day they are used to having people around.


If desired, we can bring our own inflatable bed, bedding and towels, so there's no extra laundry for you! Overnight stays last 12 hours, but do not include a mid-day walk.



Daily feeding and fresh water

Administer medications as prescribed

Love and affection



Morning and evening dog walks

Wash pet bowls

Clean litter box

Clean up 'accidents' in the house

Pick up pet waste in the yard

Water plants

Get mail, bring in paper

Take out trash bins on designated days

Rotate lights & blinds for security

Cat sleeps on bed
Cat is curious about tub


$75 per night

Includes up to 2 dogs and/or 4 cats, additional pets are $5 per pet, per night.

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